1) Privacy – Are you looking for day time or night time privacy? Sunscreen or sheer blinds are for day time privacy only, allowing vision to where ever the greatest source of light is. A light filtering fabric allows natural light in and although you can’t actually see through them you can see a silhouette. A blockout gives privacy if fitted correctly.

2) Position – Choosing to fit a blind in the recess or on the outside can have a big impact on the efficiency of the blind. Look at the depth of the recess, size of the window frame and any handles or locks on the windows.

3) Light – They can work well but there are at least 16mm gaps each side. Will this give the blockout you need? Ask lots of questions and look at the options in all situation to make your best choice. There are options of a total blockout with the blind running in channels on the side. These are great but do cost more.

4) Size – The larger the blind the bigger the tube needs to be. The minimum tube size we supply is 43mm. Some other companies supply 25mm and these will bow creating a buckle in the fabric and in a very short time won’t operate properly.

5) Weight– The larger the blind the more weight. Make sure that larger blinds have a helper springs. This makes it easier to operate and there is less stress on the chain and brackets.

6)  Chains – Plastic chains are far stronger than metal chains. The plastic is a continuous cord with the plastic beads whereas the metal is made up a balls that are linked. Each link is a weak spot.

7)  Parts – Ask if you can you buy replacement parts. Some blinds are a disposable item and spare parts are not available.

In summary blinds aren’t just blinds there are many types and options. Getting the right advice from a company like Julan Curtains and Blinds can help with making the right choice. We consider privacy, fit, practicality, light control, insulation as well as aesthetics.


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