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1)  Why does window tinting work?
ANSWER-It provides protection from heat, UV rays and glare!

2)  Why should I need to get my windows tinted?
ANSWER– To save money on home energy costs, especially in Summer.

3) What types of window tinting are there?
ANSWER – You would be very surprised to find so many options to provide protection, safety, privacy and appearance of your windows.

4) Where can I view the types of tint available?
ANSWER– At our showroomat Unit 8, 233 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Cowandilla!

5) What is cheaper, double glazing or window tinting?
ANSWER– Window tinting is ! Get a free measure and quote and the best advice for your window tinting needs

6) Why is it better to get my car windows tinted in a workshop not at my home ?
ANSWER – IWF has a fully enclosed workshop which ensures that the installed window film is free from dust and contaminants!

7) What types of window films are offered by IWF?
ANSWER – so many options to suit so many different applications!

8)How how much does window tinting cost?
ANSWER – IWF offers a free measure and quotation service for your home or business premises.

9) Who provides the best solution in Adelaide for window tinting?
YOUR ANSWER – IWF- the only place toget the most comprehensive advice for all your window film needs !

•Give Geoff Potter a call on 0412031367 for advice on a wide range of window films!


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