10 Reasons why YOU should join MNI

Members of Metro Networking Incorporated

Obtain more business through having leads referred to you
– it is like having 40 salespeople working for you all the time.

Provide business opportunities to other members of the MNI network
– you trust them as they trust you.

Have a pool of ethical business suppliers for your own clients
– solve the problem of finding a reliable supplier for them.

Understand the operations of small business
– MNI members are exposed every week to speakers relating their experiences.

Improve your ability to sell your services
– Can you summarise your message in just 60 seconds?

Enjoy the companionship of a circle of trusted colleagues
– join in the informal monthly mixers at member’s premises.

Build strategic alliances to grow your business
– Power partner with natural fit fellow businesses.

Gain new ideas that work
– guest speakers and fellow members discuss ideas.

Assist other MNI members build their businesses
– you can use your skills to help other members grow and they will help you in return.

Find a missing element in business
– just having Fun
– lots of occasions to enjoy a good laugh even at 7 am

How Would You Like To Come Visit Our Next MNI Breakfast?

Weekly Breakfast Meetings
Metro Networking Inc. meet every Thursday morning, at the Royal Coach Motor Inn, 24 Dequeteville
Terrace Kent Town. 7am for 7.15 sitdown.

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President : Geoff Potter
Phone : 0412 031 367
Email : potter1302@gmail.com