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Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers

  • Contact Simon Bowler
  • Email sbowler@smartline.com.au
  • Mobile 0418 604 910
  • Phone (08) 7324 7000
  • Address 18 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA 5000
  • Website http://www.smartline.com.au/adviser/sbowler/

About your business

My business is a finance brokering business, I have over 25 lender to 30 lender to choose from for all types of loan or customer scenarios.

My business is based upon and built from referral and recommendation only. My customer scores are currently sitting 10 out of 10 as I take pride in helping my clients and showing them way to possible save money or show them how maximise every dollar they earn

My client are based all over Australia. I.e. Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney Townsville and parts of Queensland. I fly to Melbourne 4 to 8 times a year to see new clients and catch up existing clients for coffee and chat about anything and everything.

I also look after many business in financing for new equipment, vehicles, business loans, trade finance commercial loans etc, etc. I work with many accountants and their client on different ways to get loans for business, and possible ways not paying those high bank interest rates for business loans etc.

Product list and Services:

  • Home loans: Buying a new home or refinancing to a better interest rate.
  • Investment loans: buying your first or another investment property to build your retirement portfolio.
  • Consolidating: of example: credit cards, Tax bills, ATO, personal loan debts.
  • Refinancing: Due to changes to current lender/banks policies, not right loan product, changes to personal circumstances, all sort of reason why.
  • Business loans: I.e. Overdrafts, purchasing a business loans, need to structure business loans to see if there are better savings to the cash flow.
  • Commercial property loans: I.e. Land, Low doc commercial loans for construction and purchase a property.
  • SMSF loans: I.e. For a residential property or a commercial property.
  • Car finance : I.e. new car or heavy vehicles, used or car passed ATO taxable life span. Can get finance for Vehicles up to 25 years old.
  • Free review on all your current borrowings to see if you are in the right loan structure, products and on a good interest rates. Also see if there is better options for you and/or you are already in the good situation with your loans.
  • Happy to look at your loans of any type and see if here is savings to be made, so you can possible have extra money in your pocket versus the banks.
  • Free offers.
  • Corelogic full property reports of the property/ies you are looking to buy or just like to know the sale history of the property. Just call me and I will email you the property reports. See the link: https://www.corelogic.com.au/
  • Charities I help sponsor.
  • Kick Start for Kids
  • Junction Australia
  • Hubbies.
  • Cycling and good coffee
  • Contact Us email: sbowler@smartline.com.au

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