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Hello my name is David Larcombe and I am the owner/operator of ‘The Car Cleaning Guy’. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you who I am therefore sharing why I believe that you can trust in me to give you and your vehicle/vehicles the reliable service you expect.

From when I was old enough to appreciate cars I have always admired cars that look great and are well treated. Whether they are an old classic or a brand new car it puts a smile on my face to know that the car has been treated well.

My working life has been totally revolved around the car industry, I started working at Holdens Elizabeth Plant in April of 1989 as a test driver/inspector for several years before becoming a vehicle conditioner/rectifier right up until I left Holdens in June 2006. My time at Holdens was quite educational in learning how cars are built and repaired when need be and yet still be a brand new car for the customers.

In July of 2006 I started as a franchisee of NoWet Waterless Carclean and stayed as such until December 2012. I started with absolutely zero clients and had to build my way up using methods like cold calling, letter drops, demonstrations at shopping malls and car shows.

2013 saw the birth of The Car Cleaning Guy. Whenever possible I always use biodegradable locally made products of the highest quality. I use product such as all the products in the Carchem range (South Australian owned and manufactured). Carchem are also authorised dealers for great products such as Meguiar’s, 3M and Farecla. For my entire waterless car cleaning services I use NoWet Waterless Car Cleaning products which are 100% biodegradable and manufactured in Queensland.

I plan to use my passion for having cars looking their best along with the teachings of my time at Holdens and NoWet to make my business well known for being thorough, honest and reliable. I believe my work ethics are second to none and my service prices to be very fair and comparable. So if you wish to have your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles for that matter) looking their best please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

David Larcombe

Services :

Exterior Clean (From $45)

  • Wash & wax, chamois dry all exterior paintwork
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Wheels, tyres cleaned and dressed

Exterior/Interior Clean (From $65)

  • Wash & wax, chamois dry all exterior paintwork
  • Vacuum seats and floor carpet
  • Dash and Console cleaned and dressed
  • Windows cleaned, inside and out
  • Interior deodorised
  • Wheels, tyres cleaned and dressed

Full exterior/interior clean (From $75)

  • Wash & wax, chamois dry all exterior paintwork and door/boot jambs
  • Vacuum seats, floor carpet and boot
  • Dash, Console, Door trims, Scuff trims cleaned and dressed
  • Windows cleaned, inside and out
  • Interior and boot deodorised
  • Wheels, tyres cleaned and dressed

* Prices above are quoted for 4 door sedans in reasonable condition and can vary depending on size and condition of vehicle.

* Waterless cleaning available also using Australian made 100% biodegradable NoWet Waterless Car Cleaning products ($10 additional)

Extra Services available (POA)

  • Upholstery Shampooing
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Spot Stain removal
  • Clay bar paintwork decontamination
  • Badge & decal/sticker removal

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