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In the last decade, most businesses have made an attempt to have a website. Some have spent a fortune to make it look good and while others have got it because people around them have been talking about the importance of having a website for business. Yes, websites help us in things like –

  1.   Credibility
  2.   Accessbbility
  3.   Brand Building
  4.   Sales


But a website with no traffic is as good as building a shop in a desert. With 1.3+ billion websites across the globe, it would be hard to find your site unless someone knows the URL to your website. Just to put things in perspective, imagine having a shop in a mall with 20,000 other shops, unless you have the right signage to guide customers, it’s likely that 80% of people trying to reach you would not.

In the near future due a change in customer age, demography and the new online trend, it is reported that 40% of your new business would be generated from an online source. Google has millions of searches daily for various products and services in Australia. This trend makes it critical for every small business to have good online presence.

Good online presence = Good Traffic

Good traffic = Good Leads / Sales


So how can you get your website working for you?


Like budgeting for an asset or resource in a business, budget time & money to promote your website. If you treat your website like a sales person and support it with relevant tools, it will generate sales like a sales person. If you treat your website like a shop, then brand, advertise and promote your website like you would promote a retail store.

  • It is important you plan as to what you want from your website and execute the plan so that it starts working for you. For a start, focus on the content and the way you want your customer to see your company.
  • Search engines (Google, Bing) are like a market place for the website, so check as to how the search engines read your website. For example, check for title tags/Meta Tags/ Description and Sitemap.
  • Once you are confident with the information on your website, submit it to Google and Bing webmaster tool.
  • Now using various tools and resources’ build a web presence, so that you can guide traffic to your website.


What tools and resources are available to build a web presence & drive traffic?

  • Online Directories
  • Google Maps
  • Online Ads (Pay per click)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Write blogs
  • Invite people to review your company
  • Offline advertisement
  • Marketing/brand material

In conclusion, like any business asset/resource, if time/money is not spent to upkeep the website it becomes a non-performing asset. As more people regularly engage themselves in digital mediums and devices, it is vital for every business to make an effort to develop their web presence.

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