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Hello Peeps! I’m so excited to be here with you today! Well, not in person, but at least in print!

It gives me immense pleasure to be able to connect with each and every one of you out there, and to leave you with a lingering thought about what I’m just about to share with you!

So first, let me ask you a question. (And then I’m going to ask you a thirty more!) J

Can you recall any situation in your life when you WANTED something? When you REALLY WANTED to HAVE something (Let’s call it your ‘deep desire’ hereafter)? It could be something simple or elaborate whatever that was, you WANTed it instantly. And as you recall that moment of desire, re-visit that moment a bit more deeply! What were you seeing, hearing and feeling? And if you can also recall, what was your self-talk like? What were your thoughts that were in favour of or against you, while guessing if you will be able to have your ‘deep desire’ fulfilled or not? Was it instant gratification that you were looking for? “What’s that?”, some of you might wonder! I’ll come back to explaining this in a bit, soon!

In the meanwhile, let us now look at that situation that you have recalled, about wanting something. In some cases, you must have achieved that ‘deep desire’ of yours and in some cases, not. Have you ever wondered why?

Let me explain this with one of my real-life examples, which is not very recent, but it is a significant event of my life which has stayed with me for all the good reasons! I have taken some great lessons from it and it still continues to inspire me to stay connected with my inner personal power. And that’s my intention for you through this article today. That you connect with your deepest inner strength or personal power.

Way back, nearly 25 years ago, when I was in the 2ND grade in school, at the end of the annual year, on the day of the open-house, I reached school with my parents. And as I walked in, some of my friends and their parents who were already leaving the school premises with their report cards were congratulating me on the way. I had no idea what it was all about, but now, filled with a whole lot of unexpected surprise and excitement in my little 7-year old body and mind, I realized on reaching my classroom that I had secured the highest marks in English and Math, (Yes, we used to have exams and marks, back then!) amongst all my fellow 2ND graders which were approximately 150 in the school! And there I was, thinking to myself, even at that little age of 7, “How oblivious I was, of the competition that was ahead of me when I actually wrote my exams. I just grasped the concepts of letters and numbers, spellings and sums, reading and story-telling and reproduced those on paper, which has landed me this prize! And so much fun I had on the way! Wow!”

I did not know back then, how and why this happened and what made me deserving of the prize, but now when I look back at my 7-year old traits, I remember how I used to embrace math sums and dictation tests like fun puzzles! I wanted a bigger number to add to and subtract from. I was thinking new and thinking fast. I can also recall my thought process so vividly, that I remember I understood

much earlier than it was taught to me, that the same addition principles would apply to 4, 5, 10 or even 13 digit numbers as they apply to 2 or 3! I learnt to break down the sounds of consonants and vowels and give it a go to writing spellings! And guess what? In the process of learning, I started having FUN!! The most important element that we start forgetting as we grow up to mature human beings! Supposedly!! Every weekend, I used to ask my dad to give me some tough words to spell and some extra math sums to solve! How early on, was my “D-I” personality style formed and clearly evident! Face challenges and make them fun, was my mantra!

And that brings me to the whole point:

I was just BEING the best version of me! I was simply having fun learning and I wasn’t afraid of making mistakes! And when I was BEING what I needed to BE, and DOING what I needed to DO, I simply and easily could HAVE what I wanted to HAVE!

And now, coming back to what I mentioned earlier, ‘Instant Gratification. It is a behaviour pattern which makes us pursue our desires and the need to fulfil those desires, right here, right now. This means we want to please our senses and fulfil our desires almost instantly! We want it NOW and we want it HOW – Everything superfast – Whether it’s about having good grades in our tests, a highly-paying job, luxury in life, a healthy body, or lots of clients in our business!

So the next time, you notice a desire creeping up in your mind, ask yourself:

Who am I BEING right now to HAVE the deep desire I WANT fulfilled? What are my values around it? What are my beliefs? What principles of integrity do I follow? Do I understand the purpose of my ‘being’ and doing the do? Do I understand the purpose of wanting it? What will fulfilling this ‘desire’ give me? How is that in sync with my values of life?

And also, what am I DOING right now to be able to achieve “MY DEEP DESIRE”? Am I taking enough actions? Am I taking the right actions? Have I built muscle (physical or mental) around the skills required to do the tasks? And one of the most important questions follows… Do I understand the value and importance of delayed gratification? Why is it that I don’t have something right now and that I need to go through a certain ‘passage of rites’, to be able to deserve to HAVE the desired outcome or results? How much nicer will it be when I BE and DO what is needed and get the results I wanted, albeit a bit later? What will I enjoy in this delayed gratification that instant does not have to offer?

And my dear friends, once you have BEEN and DONE that, there’s no way for you but to HAVE what you want to HAVE!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and that you are inspired to venture into some area that’s unfamiliar to you, so you can explore novelties and expand your comfort zone!

Here’s to Your Success!

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