Changing Your Life Can Be As Simple As Changing Your Mindset



Mindfulness seems to be the one of the new words that has become very popular in the last few years even though Mindfulness and it’s practice has been around for many many years.

Why has Mindfulness become so much more prominent?

Mindfulness has become far more familiar now with the ever increasing awareness of mental health and the increasing number of people suffering from anxiety, depression and daily stresses.

So, what is Mindfulness, how can I practice it and how will it assist me?

Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment and giving attention to the now.

And whilst being in the present moment you can pay attention to the sensations, the thoughts, the feelings you may be experiencing and allow them to flow through without judgement.

It is a very powerful technique because it can, and will break the cycle of people being consumed with thoughts both positive and negative of which quite often leads to more stresses of everyday life.

There are many ways to practice Mindfulness and it can be focusing on an object/thing or by simply focusing in on your breathing.

My personal favourite of practicing Mindfulness is whilst I am walking.

I begin by taking 3 slow deep abdominal breaths and allow my focus to go to my breathing, feeling the sensations of the rise and fall of my abdomen. The feeling of the air going in my nose down into my abdomen and out my mouth.

I then allow myself to begin to feel the sensations around me, it could be the breeze/wind on my face and noticing how it feels.

I will then shift my focus to what I may be hearing, it could be the birds, the passing traffic in the distance or it could be the slight movement of the leaves on the trees or even the sound of the gravel as I am walking over it.

At times I will take my attention to my body and allow myself to feel the swing of my arms and then take my focus to the souls of my feet.

How do my feet feel as I walk along what are the sensations I am experiencing?

Another very simple technique is to hold an object on the palm of your hand.

Focus in on the object and begin to feel its weight, it’s texture what does it feel like?.

Turn it over observe the contours, colours does it have a smell to it?

This is just 2 of many ways to practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness has so many benefits and can assist people in many ways!

Scientist have proved that by practicing Mindfulness techniques you can improve your Well Being, Physical Health & Mental Health in SO many ways.

Relieve Stress, Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Sleep, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Improve Relationships, Substance Abuse just to name a few.

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Warm Regards
Mark Sandercock
Magnificent Mindset

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