Expert advise on curtain cleaning


It’s funny that some people are not happy with the price of curtains but when they do purchase them they don’t protect their investment.

Do I need to clean my curtains?

The simple answer is yes.


  • Dirt is anabrasive
  • Dust can trigger allergies
  • Dirty curtains don’t look good
  • Cleaning can extend the life of curtains

I heard about a customer recently that complained because within a few years her sheer curtainsbecame brittle and were falling apart at the window. This was not expected so the fabric was sent to the lab and thoroughly tested with surprising results. The breakdown in the fabric was not due to the sun as first thought it was the abrasive nature of the dust. The customer had not cleaned her curtains not realizing the importance.

Allergies are a huge problem for lots of people. Dust mites, pollutants and pollen are all contained in dust. So not only does it detract from the appearance it can actually make us sick.

How do I clean my curtains?

All curtains have care labels and it is important to follow these instructions. Fabrics vary in composition, structure, dyes and finishes so there is not a one size fits all.

There are a few things that need to be done regularly.

  • Sheer need to be dry-cleaned or washed at least once a year as per the instructions.
  • Heavy curtains should be lightly vacuumed twice a year to remove dust that may not even be visible.
  • Don’t leave stains as they will set with time. If something is spilt on a fabric seek professional advice on how to remove it. The quicker it is cleaned the better the results. Sometimes spot cleaning is all that is needed.

Are all Dry-cleaners the same?

Unfortunately not. If you are asked to sign a disclaimer think twice about leaving your curtains with them. A good Dry-cleaner should understand how a fabric will react before they do anything and advise you accordingly.


These were cleaned using cold water.

Common mistakes

  • Using the incorrect method of cleaning
  • Water too hot/cold
  • Washing sheers in the washing machine without a laundry bag
  • Hanging blockout fabrics with the coated sides touching or using pegs
  • Ironing at incorrect temperature

Tips when buying curtains

Select a good quality fabric. The dyes and thefinishing processes that are used will give you the best long term value.

Consider what way the window faces as the western facing windows have more exposure to the sun than south facing windows.

Make sure the fabric you select suits your needs.

Ask questions.

If you are not sure ask an expert like the friendly team at Julan Curtains and Blinds to make the most out of your investment.

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