How do I know which company to choose for my commercial solar installation?




You look for experience in all aspects of the job. From the sales person to the finished installation.

The question you need to ask is. How long has the company been in the solar industry? Many companies will say the have many years experience. The company may have been in business suppling other products for many years but only a year or so in solar.

How do I know what experience they have?

Ask for references of other installations the company has installed, for the same size system, and make sure you get a phone number to talk to that company.

Some companies may have installed a lot of domestic solar and decided that they will now sell commercial as it must be the same just bigger. Wrong.

There are a lot differences, especially if the solar needs to be over 30kW. In South Australia there are requirements from SA Power Networks to be adhered to, and if the solar company isn’t aware of this you will get a rude surprise when you get the extra bill.

Will they be able to give me a payback time?



A solar company with someone who has experience in reading a commercial electric bill and be able to work out what the real kWh cost is and if there are Demand charges and be able to explain to you what they are. If this is done correctly they should be able to produce a spread sheet with everything you need.     Kay Thornton-Cohen from Solar Depot is an expert in this field.


When you get your quote from Solar Depot it gives you a print out with expected output, which inturn gives you an accurate spread sheet showing payback periods and ROI.               Web based Monitoring is provided with all Solar Depot Commercial installations. You can see at any time what the system has produced and get monthly reports emailed to you.

Is there government rebates available?


There are STC’s ( Small-scale Technical Certificates) are a tradable credit system for greenhouse benifit of eligible technologies like PV solar system.They are calculated by the number of Watts you install resulting in the carbon reduction from you business. This can They exist because of a Mandatory Renewable Energy Target set by the Federal Government and are paide for by energy producers so they can demonstrate they are meeting that target. The result for the solar customer is that the entire production of their system can be traded at the point of sale resulting in a substantial reduction in the buy price this can be between 25 and 45% of the cost of the solar system. This varies depending on the size of the system., Solar Depot trades the STC’s for you giving you the up front reduction. Some companies may suggest you trade your own. This would not be the wisest thing to do.

Do I need council approval?


If the panels on flat on the roof surface you don’t normally need council approval unless the building is heritage listed or similar. If the panels need to be on tilt frames you will need approval from your council. . Solar Depot will do all the council applications for you

What are the most important things to look for when choosing the right company to install your commercial solar?

  • How long have they been in the solar industry
  • What experience they have in commercial solar.
  • 100kW at Tanunda Lutheran Homes installed by Solar Depot.Picture4
  • Ask for references and phone numbers
  • Do they have an office/ warehouse or just a sever iced office or work from home.
  • Is the sales person an employee or a commission sales person.
  • Do they have a photo and name of the company owner on there web-site

Are their electricians and installers company employees or sub contractors

If they are sub contractors what will happen when there is a problem. The subcontractors get paid for the job and never want to go back to fix any mistakes so you have the problem of the blame game and no ones wants to sort it out

Solar Depot will work with you all the way. All the network applications, trading your STC’s any council application required. You just need to sit back and let them managed the job for you

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Phone Kay

Office: 83827755

Mobile: 0409709146




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