How does power partnering help me grow my business?

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How does power partnering help me grow my business?

This is the transcript of a presentation given by Dirk Beelen during one of the training sessions of the Metro Networking Incorporated (MNI) in Adelaide Australia.

 Power Partnering is

  • Actively looking for opportunities for the fellow members, especially when there is a natural match.
  • Even when there is not a natural match, the members have to look for opportunities e.g. an office supply distributor sees that the shop front windows of a customer are dirty, and will tell his customer about the window cleaner within the networking group.
  • What are potential reasons why one member is not promoting the services/products of another member
  • The person doesn’t strike you as “in control” when he does his “elevator pitch” presentation.
  • The person doesn’t seem serious or customer committed.
  • You are afraid that your “customer” thinks the other member is a friend and that you/your business are/will be judged on that.
  • You have a closer friend/acquaintance that you prefer to help
  • You think that the member’s pricing is not in line with the market/the internet/the expectations.
  • You try to build your business yourself and don’t have the right relationship with your customer yet.
  • What is wrong with these statements…except one, they are all  assumptions i.e. a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
  • Get the proof, meet with the fellow member for a coffee, mention your concern, ask, and build trust.
  • Understand what the key added value of the fellow member is, look for the answer for this question: “what is the added value for the customer” and use that to inform your customer about the fellow member’s services or products
  • Go for the low hanging fruit first

    Some examples:

  • A tyre specialist promotes the services of a car cleaning company.
  • An industrial photographer notices that there are not solar panels on the roof and informs the customer about the benefit of solar panels especially for businesses.
  • A carpet cleaner sees stains on the kitchen bench under the coffee machine, and tells the customer about a factory outlet or one of the fellow members
  • A gardener notices that the new car of the customer is dirty, and speaks about the car cleaning company of the fellow member
  • An accountant visiting the customer’s office notices that the building is run down, and explains that  building maintenance costs are tax deductible and highlights the very good feedback he heard from a fellow member’s business

    The sky is the limit, be fair, be honest and focus on customer satisfaction and added value for the customer when referring  your fellow members.

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