How To Find a Remedial Therapist for Foot-Ankle

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How To Find a Remedial Therapist for Foot-Ankle Pain

You can save time and money (and prolonged discomfort) by finding a therapist who has experience in being able to effectively integrate more than one hands-on approach.

That is, for example, using a combination of Applied Kinesiology, Bowen Therapy and Foot Reflexology.

To Find a Skilled Remedial Therapist:

  1. Search online for a Remedial ( Massage) Therapist who is an accredited member of a national professional association, such as the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. Many of the practitioners listed have qualifications and experience in at least one or more of the above healing modalities.
  2. A qualified Bowen Therapist  who is an accredited  member of a national association such as the Bowen Association of Australia may also have skills/qualifications in Kinesiology or Foot Reflexology.
  3. Australian Kinesiology Association members may be qualified in Foot reflexology and/or Bowen therapy.
  4. . Ask family members, friends or associates whether they can recommend a qualified natural therapy practitioner who may be able to offer an integrated approach.

What to Avoid:

It is best to avoid treatment from people who are not qualified to deal with ankle and foot problems, as for treatment to be beneficial, there needs to be some understanding of how to re-balance the body’s biomechanics.

Case History- February 2016

This month I treated a lady in her late sixties who has been active for much of  her life in sports, dance and gym exercise.

She had been experiencing pain in the toe pad of both feet, and also concentrated on the outside edge/underside of her left foot for several weeks. The discomfort had increased over this period to the point where she was unable to take part in her usual classes and activities.

She contacted me to see if I could help.

Her treatment consisted of initial Applied Kinesiology tests to evaluate the function of specific muscle groups. This revealed an inability of the deepest abdominal muscles,  (quadratus lumborum) to perform their job, and similarly with a muscle on the outside of the shin on the left leg (peroneus), which was contributing to an imbalance in the way the body’s weight was distributed from the pelvis to the feet. The ability to function correctly  was restored to these muscles during the first part of the session. Following this, Bowen Therapy was applied to release connective tissue adhesion and further restore structural balance from the back, through the hips, legs and feet.

To further relax and encourage connective tissue hydration and blood flow in the feet, Foot Reflexology was also applied. Gentle stretching and mobilisation of the feet completed the session.

On the day after the treatment, this lady rang me excitedly to say she had been completely free of all discomfort since her appointment.

5 Reasons to Consult the Right Therapist

1.  You can be confident of receiving quality care.

2.  The cause of the discomfort, as well as the discomfort itself, is treated effectively.

3.   An integrated approach generally brings about a faster reduction or resolving of the problem.

4.   Save time and money by having the problem dealt with professionally

5.   In most cases a fee rebate from your private health fund can be claimed.


Taking the time to search and make inquiries to find a qualified, competent, and skilled therapist will be worthwhile in the long run to bring about a better treatment outcome.


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