Interim Management: how does this help me?

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An interim manager provides you with management resources and skills. It is often a short to medium term assignment of a heavyweight executive manager, with lots of experience in a variety of industries and/or service providers. It is often used for managing new ventures, or when a company decides to expand into new markets, or during a transition, crisis or change. It is a very cost effective way to manage complexity, especially when there is economic uncertainty…you don’t have ongoing cost commitments when compared to employing people to do the job.


What is the difference between an interim manager and a management consultant?


The below table says it all:


What is the added value when using an interim manager?



  • Broad based executive management experience resulting in quick results
  • Objectivity: I don’t have “a career agenda”
  • Speed: can be hired within days
  • ROI: deliverables and timelines are agreed to, chances for failures are very slim
  • Accountability: I manage a project/business in its own right
  • Commitment: future work relies upon referrals…only as good as the last assignment



What is the process, how do I get started when I consider the use of an interim manager?



The first step is, for yourself, have a clear view on what you would be using the person for. This can be very specific: “I need a business plan to launch my new service/product offering” or this can be very broad: “We are working so hard, and it seems there is never any money left in the company”.

With that, you contact me. I will come and sit down with you to do an assessment on the project. This meeting can take up to 2 hours, and is free of charge. It makes sure that I understand the issues and that I feel that I can add value ie. get the right results. After that, you get a quote, and if appropriate, a milestone plan with deliverables. Once agreed on the plan and the costing, I start working in your business, interacting with all the relevant people (internal and external if needed), making sure that I get the results, on time.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

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