Is it important to get my car serviced regulary?

photoGeoff Kilford – Ultra Tune Prospect

Geoff Kildord’s presentation to his follow memebers at Metro Networking breakfast on Thursday 21st April showed why the answer to this question was  “Absolutely”


Why ?

It is important to have your car serviced on a regular schedule to prevent premature wear on the engine, tyres, transmission etc. It also keeps you informed on the condition of safety items such as brakes & reliability items such as fan belts & radiator hoses.


The Most Important Factor

Servicing keeps you up to date with where you car is mechanically such as

  •   How much brake pads are left
  •   How much tyre tread is left


Why Not servicing your car could change your life

A neglected car will become unreliable and a potentially dangerous. Imagine coming down the bottom of the freeway towing a boat and running out of brakes.  The risk of harming yourself, your family, friends or other drivers on the road would be life changing.


Questions to Ask Before You Start

What service am I due for and how much will it cost ?


How do I find a reputable mechanic ?

Servicing at a reputable work shop such as Ultra Tune Prospect which is RAA and MTA approved to ensure you receive honest, ethical and quality service and repairs


Why choose Ultra Tune Prospect?

  •  Raa approved
  • Qualified experienced mechanics
  • Up to date electronic equiptment
  • Quality products used such as Valvoline oil Ryco filters & Bendix brake pads
  • New car warranty will not be affected if the car is serviced as per the handbook
  • Honesty



Trying to service a vehicle nowadays is risky.  Cars are very complicated today and mistakes such as incorrect engine oil can be costly. Engine management and electronics can easily be affected causing costly repairs


What could go wrong if I service my own car?

Customer thought the correct battery for his girlfriend’s car was too expensive so he went to the local spare parts store and purchased a much cheaper however incorrect battery and fitted it himself. When he closed the bonnet the battery terminals shorted out on the bonnet causing the battery to explode & car catch on fire causing about $6000 damage.

battery1battery 2


It is always better to be proactive intead of reactive

Servcing your car regulary will save you money in the long run. The cost of the service is small compared to a major repair job that could have been avoided.


Geoff and his team’s love of all cars old and new shines through with every job.


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240 Main North Rd Prospect.

Phone: 8312 3569






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