NBN Pits, Pillars and Modems: are you confused? Want good service? Telephone Company One can help.

Telephone Company One as authorized cablers for Internode and the NBN we understand the issue’s and confusion consumers have to deal with for lines, Gateway /Router positions, connections, MDF Jumpering, Plans etc.

Telephone Company One offer a superior & upgraded cabling solution for your NBN (National Broadband Network) issues, Voice & internet connections over the traditional ADSL cable networks in Adelaide for Business, Residential, for all commercial needs. The NBN gives greater bandwidth for internet connections and fantastic for IP Phones. Often we are called upon to reconnect services within the Office or Home following NBN visits, if you experience any problems just call!

  • What we do NBN or Internode

We have had an Open license since 1988, registered with the ACMA as qualified providers for connecting of the NBN digital network for all home/office telecommunication installations past the Telstra network boundary point.

Authorized cablers on the Internode and NBN websites we can connect your services past the Network Boundary Point, Voice, Adsl Nbn, Naked Dsl, also fault finding and repairs.

  • Connections available FTTP, FTTN what does this mean?

For an NBN connection, there are two methods in which NBN networks can be installed to your respective home or office space. They are Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTP) and Fiber-To-The-Node(FTTN).

For FTTP, once the NBN co-contractors have installed the fiber cable and/or the NBN NTD to your premises, then you will able to connect to the NBN Via a gateway and sometimes an IAD for additional phone lines, which will sometimes need to be reconnected into your existing home phone points, Telephone System and any fixed Data Network ports .

If you’re identified to be in a FTTN area, all you’re required to do is upgrade your plan or old ADSL modem to an NBN compliant one, and then give us a call to make sure you have service where you require it. The only downside of FTTN is the connection speed is inversely related to the distance of the node, the same as ADSL.

  • HFC what is it?

HFC ( Hybrid  fiber coaxial or high frequency Coax )is what most customer’s connect to for Foxtel pay TV this can be used for an NBN service when an area has plenty of it and no NBN nodes have been installed i.e. FTTP & FTTN, cable connections have always been very fast 100Mbps.

  • What speed will I connect at? What plan should I purchase?

Speeds of an NBN connection are nominally 5 Mbps up and approx. 25 Mbps down, speeds will vary on the plan you purchase.

Nbn 12 old hat same as Adsl

Nbn 25 fast, twice as fast as Adsl 2+ with much better upload approx. 5Mbps

Nbn 50 Very fast good for multiple users.

Nbn 100 Super-fast

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