When you need help, you usually need help now.

Unfortunately, as we age, we think we are invincible. After all, we looked after a family, worked a job, managed a house, and then looked after the grandchildren. We were strong and nothing could hold us back.

We then start to age, in our minds we are 30 years old, but our bodies 70. We start to notice that parts of our bodies don’t work anymore. We a now have aches and pains in parts of our bodies that we didn’t even know existed.
We adjust how we live to accommodate our changes in our body, we are not as stable, and we find stairs a struggle. However, we are doing ok, we are managing quite well, and we don’t need any help from anyone.
Our family starts to make comments because they can see that we aren’t as agile as we once were. What do they know? We ask ourselves. They are young and they haven’t had to deal with what we have, in our lifetime. We become defensive when anyone suggests that we may need some help.


One day we are doing our normal routine and we start to notice that our legs aren’t as strong as they once were. We have a dizzy spell and look for something to grab onto before we fall. The next thing we are aware of is the paramedics asking us if we know what day it is or do you know what happened.
Now you are in hospital with a broken hip and have been told that it’s going to take months of rehab before you can get mobile again.
The doctor suggests that we will need home care assistance when we get discharged. The family can only do so much. The hospital arranges an ACAT assessment and tells you that it may be 12 months before a Home Care Package is available.
What is a Home Care Package? How do I get someone to guide me through the process?


This is where you call KompleteCare and one of our friendly staff can help guide you through the process. Once you have you Home Care Package assigned, KompleteCare can help you get the services that you need.
The Home Care Package of care is designed by you with a case manager, that will ensure that you can remain at home, with enough support so that you can remain independent. You are in the driving seat; you have control over who comes and what happens in your home. You can change your services as your needs change.

Services available
Personal care – assistance with showering
House cleaning
Gardening and necessary home modifications
Transport services
Meal prep
Social Support

You can tailor your care with your case manager to keep you independent at home.
Call 8265 5696 and ask to speak with one of our sales representatives.
KompleteCare the company with heart!

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