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I used to use a cleaner as I was doing 12 hour shifts and did not want to spend all of my free time cleaning, when I could be spending my time with my family or catching up with friends.

I started my business in 2011 with my daughter. I wanted a business that came from the customers point of view.

I had some great cleaners and some very ordinary cleaners. Some tried to cut corners which became evident when I turned on a light on.

I once found that a cleaner that I had, did not clean under a mat that was in the entrance way to the house. When someone tripped on the mat one day, I found all this dirt and dust under the mat. This made me cross as this was damaging the polished floorboards.

I had spent a lot of money on those floors and did not want them damaged. This cleaner did not last very long. One lady that used to clean for me was like family and always went above and beyond. I was always happy when I came home to a clean house. She left due to illness. I was devastated.

Today’s world is so busy, we don’t get enough time for ourselves.

The answer to dealing with everything that we need to do is to get somebody else to do it.

However, we need someone who is reliable and thorough. We need someone who will move items and clean behind and underneath.

You can get back some valuable time by outsourcing some or all of your cleaning duties.

Real Eco Friendly Cleaning can help with your cleaning, so that you can get back some of your precious time and spend it with family or do something that you would otherwise not have time to do.

Real Eco Friendly Cleaning focusses on doing what you want done.

We offer a custom clean using our checklist that enable you to decide what tasks you want done. There is no point a cleaner cleaning something that you didn’t think needed cleaning or that there is an area in your home that you were concerned about that no-one else seems to notice.

For example, If I have a cleaner come through I really like the dusting done. I am not as concerned about the bathroom as I keep that clean as I go. I just don’t get the time to do dusting. I need my cleaner to focus on the dusting.

I would still like my bathroom wiped over I just don’t want the cleaner to spend all the time cleaning it.

I call this “our thing” we all have it. Everybody has a different view on what makes a clean house.

Real Eco friendly Cleaning also uses Eco Friendly cleaning products so that you can be assured that there are no harsh chemicals destroying the environment but are still leaving your house clean as a whistle.

Real Eco Friendly Cleaning
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