Roof Leaks – what do I do?

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—This gloomy Adelaide winter weather always brings a few issues around the house to our attention. —Something that always seems to pop up when the weather is at its wettest is a leaking roof.

What can cause this?


—Water seeping through the roof space onto and through your ceilings can be caused by a lot of different factors, including moss growth, structural damage, broken roof tiles, substance build up, roof defects, severe weather conditions, storm damage or simply general wear and tear leading to roof deterioration, just to name a few.

Who do I get to help me?


—If you’re looking for plumbers in Adelaide, Mott Plumbing will locate any leaks or damage in your roof, fixing those issues, and identifying future problems to minimise damage before it begins.   —

Simply call Mott Plumbing 24/7 for assistance on 8462 9844

—Mott Plumbing specialise in tracing and fixing roof leaks:


—Plumbing vent boots – damaged flashings, torn rubber seals, missing or loose sealant & roof fixings are a sure signs of a potential leak source.

—Walls and dormers on roofs – Water can get in through cracks or around windows where caulking gets old, shrinks and cracks.

What else can cause the leaks?


—Leaks are often caused simply by blocked gutters that need cleaning.

—Mott Plumbing offers a gutter cleaning service in Adelaide to make sure your gutters are working at their best. Give us a call on 8462 9844 to book a time for us to come and clean them. We can check and clear downpipes and stormwater too if required.

—Old age – simple wear and tear of an older roof can cause leaks.

—Wild weather – storms can blow tiles loose and falling debris can cause localised damage to your roof.

—Rust – As a roof rusts, it’s a sign that the roof is corroding and will eventually lead to roof leaks.

—Signs that point towards a leak:


—If you’ve started noticing a creeping water stain growing across your ceiling, water running down inside walls, or the tell-tale sound of dripping when all the taps are off, you probably have a leak in your roof.

—These signs might not seem too serious in themselves, but the dangers go beyond aesthetic worries.

What will happen if I leave the leak for to long?


—Leaving a roof leak for too long can cause ceilings to collapse, mould, rotting timber framework, destroy insulation and damage to personal effects and furniture, all of which can be costly to replace.

—Worse still, water in your ceiling can be an electrical hazard, so it’s best to stop that leak as soon as you spot it.

Is the leak always above where it has damaged the ceiling?


—After you’ve checked directly above where you noticed the leak start, start looking further up the roof. Water has a sneaky habit of travelling down beams and pipes, and ending up coming through onto your ceiling far from where it originally got in.

—One common way of searching is to run a hose over sections of the roof. Have a helper call out to you when they see leaking start. This process can often take over an hour, so be prepared to be patient.

I have found the leak, what do I do now?


—So you’ve found the culprit of your leak. Great! Now you just need to seal it up so that water can’t get through..

—You’ll need to create a watertight barrier. For smaller holes, a good quality sealant might do the trick……The bigger the problem, the more effort will be required to repair it. Cracked and broken tiles will likely need to be replaced, although inserting metal or lead sheet flashing beneath the problem areas is ok for a short term solution.

—Let a Professional Plumber do it all for you:


—Trying to diagnose, find, and then fix a roof leak can be a frustrating, difficult and dangerous task, especially during an Adelaide winter. Leaks can be elusive, and your roof can be slippery and dangerous.

—For an Adelaide metro area plumber that can locate any leaks or damage in your roof, fix all the issues and make sure that you’re protected against future problems, give the team at Mott Plumbing a call. We’ll look after it while you stay dry and warm inside.

—Call Mott Plumbing 24/7 on 8462 9844 for assistance.


Phone.     84629844


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