Self worth and its impact on your business by Corrine Allison

Self Worth. What is it and why is it important in business? When researching and publishing his findings on self-worth theory, Martin Covington found that most people will go to great lengths to protect their sense of self-worth.
And, in keeping with their perception of their worth, some people will self-sabotage, others will procrastinate, and others yet again will be successful in rising to the challenge.
Self-worth is often judged by the way we look, our financial worth, our networks and friends, what we do for work, and our achievements.
On a human level, these factors are superficial and not a sound basis for a realistic and healthy view of one’s worth.
There are other factors that impact self-worth, and these are increasingly ones I am seeing throughout all industry sectors where companies, managers and business owners tell their people that they value them but it is clear to see these leaders need some guidance to truly walk their talk and follow through.
If you lead people, it is your duty to value them and respect their worth when you’re planning business strategies, making decisions about their future with your company or other human-centric, impacting decisions.
Time and again we see people managing daily operations, major change or profit seeking initiatives that clearly demonstrate the low value of human worth to the company. After all, workers are replaceable; you can always get more, right?
Your behaviour as a leader through this time requires you to consciously evaluate your own self-worth – not by your elevated status within the business or the increased profits you reap, but how your behaviour reflects or deflects your basic values. Some people will unfortunately continue managing (not leading) in ways that compromise the worth of others but it’s not good people management and, with the changing expectations and tolerances of workers, its most certainly not going to be a sustainable and viable strategy into the future.
A leader develops ways to create and nurture reciprocal loyalty as they engender motivation and the self-worth of their people to improve productivity and profit. This engagement is borne from communication and having candid conversations about where the business is heading, the challenges ahead and ways these can be overcome. Inviting open discussion about how to handle difficult times and implement change is an important step in building harmonious and mutually understanding workplace relations. While this may seem more costly and time consuming in the beginning, the cost to the reputation coupled with the damaged self-worth of all individuals can be far greater in terms of lost productivity, tarnished brand, and disengagement of staff.
Conscious leaders pride themselves on their harmony, wisdom and understanding of self and successfully rise to the challenge of extending that blueprint to all those in their world. It has been a long time coming but the New Age has dawned and thankfully, Leaders who understand the monumental power of engendering and nurturing reciprocal self-worth have arrived.
If you hear the call to become more Conscious in your style of leadership and feel it’s time to create a broader vision of ways to encourage responsibility and accountability for your people through increased self-worth, head to my website to book your free 30 minute Clarity Zoom Call at

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