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Is the government support for solar disappearing?

Kay Thornton-Cohen Commercial Projects Manager from Solar Depot was asked this by one of her Metro Networking colleague’s


 Answer is NO. There are still STC’s available.

What is an STC ?

Answer : It’s a small Scale Technical Certificate. When you buy solar the government will credit you with these.

For every tonne of carbon you save from your solar you get one. The savings are calculated over a number of years to determine how many you yet.

As of the 1st of January 2019 it will be 12 years, and it will go down by the number of years on the 1st of January each year until they disappear in 2030.

At the moment they are valued around $32 each

How much will that be off the cost of my companies solar?

Answer : You are looking at around 40-45% of the initial cost of the solar. What else can you buy for your company that the government will pay you that.

Can I get a feed in tariff if I am a company?

Answer : Yes you can. Depending on which electricity retailer you are with. Most of them would pay SME customers a feed in tariff, and some retailers will even pay large customers with 100kW systems. The amount would be less per kWh than domestic but it is available, so you need to ask, or look at another retailer who will give it to you.

I have several customer that have 100kW solar systems who get a feed in tariff.

What is the average payback for a company solar system?

Answer : SME’s which the electricity cost around 40 cents per kWh would pay back in around 1.6 years
Larger customers who are on a demand tariff paying around 25 cents per kWh would payback in 2.5 to 3 years
The life of the solar panels is around 25 years so the remaining years would be free electricity from what the solar produces.

Will solar get cheaper in years to come?

Answer : Solar is excellent value for money now and is unlikely to go down substantially. But remember the STC’s are reducing so if you are waiting for the solar to go down the cost will end up more because the credits you get for the STC’s will be going down

For every years you wait you are continuing to pay high electricity prices and you cant get that back

If you want to know more about solar give Kay a call


Kay Thornton – Cohen
Commercial Projects Manager
Solar Depot
Phone:  0409709146

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