At KompleteCare we are not just another NDIS or Aged Care provider. We are a company that believes in walking beside the person. What does this mean and how do this look?


A person-centred approach is one in which the person receiving support is at the centre of the decision-making processes and the support plan.

In a person-centred approach the person and their families are supported to exercise greater choice and control over their services, how they are delivered and by whom. This is also called Consumer Directed Care.

The ultimate aim is to understand what each individual person wants and needs to live their own, personally defined, fufilling life.

It is most successful when friends and family can support the process and help identify and develop the person’s strengths.

With KompleteCare, Home Support Workers are helping to assist with people who are receiving support to participate in ordinary life to maximum degree possible and to meet the demands of daily living, both in and out of their homes.

Our Home Support Workers are here to walk beside the individual to ensure that independence is encouraged and supported. You are the driving force of your life.

It’s very important that individuals have control on how they live their lives. You have the control over who supports you in your life.



Home Support Workers are here to support with:

Social Support: This is to support the person so that they do not become isolated. Activities could include attending the football, the beach or the movies. Or just going to the coffee shop and having a chat.

Exercise: Exercise is a necessary part of a healthy life. Many have physical disabilities and may not be able to exercise as full a range of muscles as the average person, but they may still engage in certain exercises. Eg: Such as attending the gym or the pool.

Home Support services: such as:
• Personal care which includes showering, bathing, grooming and assistance in getting dressed for the day.
• Domestic assistance – assistance with general light housekeeping.
• Meal preparation – Support to prepare nutritious tasty, homecooked meals.
• Transport – Many people cannot drive and need a person to support them when they are at an appointment or out shopping. Our Home Support Workers support you while you are unrepentantly going about your daily business.
• Gardening – support in looking after your garden

We are not here to tell you how to live your life, you are here to live your life the way that you choose.

You can phone KompleteCare and speak to a local person (08) 82655696 or contact us through www.kompletecare.com.au We can help you maximise your Home Care Package package or NDIS plan.

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