What causes Headaches- and How do you Treat Them?

Headaches can be felt in different parts of the head and at different times.

Some examples are: On waking, after an argument,after eating certain foods, after a day at work, following sporting activity, a car accident, or after an extended period in a hot environment.


It can be useful to consider the cause. WHY?

The causes of headaches can vary. When looking at the above examples, it could be from sleeping or lying in a position which strains the neck muscles, a reaction to a stressful situation, a food intolerance or allergy, insufficient fresh air or insufficient food to keep blood sugar in balance, a direct knock or trauma to the head or neck, a whiplash injury, or dehydration.

Other factors may include accumulated stress, digestive disorders, anxiety, fatigue/ over exertion, or vitamin / mineral deficiency.


How is it possible to find out the likely cause and a treatment approach to resolve the problem?

One way is to consult a remedial therapist who is practiced in applying touch for Health/Kinesiology, this is a  system of manual muscle monitoring which may determine the possible cause and provide guidance on the treatment type best suited for alleviating or resolving the problem.

This may include some remedial bodywork such as muscle/postural balancing, acupressure, massage, Bowen therapy, nutritonal support, and Stress management techniques which can be used at home.


What not to do.

It is best to avoid letting a well meaning friend or untrained person “crack” your back or neck in the hope of creating improvement, and it is also best not to “crack” your own neck as this may well cause more problems.


5 Reasons to see a professional Remedial Therapist

1.    The right training and knowledge to carry out the proper assessment.

2.    The ability to determine the likley cause, and advise on an effective treatment.

3.    Experience in applying a range of manual therapies, if relaxation and rebalancing of soft/ connective tissue, such as in the neck and back is indicated.

4.    A high likelihood of significant improvement or total resolution of the headache.

5.    Fee rebates from most Health Funds.

Chris Allen

Chris Allen Therapies for Wellbeing is an Adelaide based clinic specializing in remedial therapies.

With over 25 years experience, Chris uses Touch for Health/ Kinesiology, massage, acupressure, Bowen therapy and foot refelology.

These tools are ulilised to detect the poosible cause of the headache, muscular skeletal and other dysfunction, and to bring improvement in comfort balance.


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Chris is based at Level 5  19 North Tce Hackney SA

For an appointment phone or SMS 0432102189

or Email: chrisallentherapies@gmail.com

Open extended hours weekdays and Saturdays




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