When cracks appear in your building: valuable advice from a civil engineer

Often I hear people saying civil engineers are too expensive to consult however they don’t realise the actual value of their advice.

To explain what a civil engineer’s advice is worth, I would like to talk about a building that I inspected recently which had massive cracks it in its walls.

Upon investigating why did the wall crack in the first place, I found the source of cracks in the building was the wall built in second stage of construction or during renovation work at some point of time was built over the expansion joint. Assuming it was done by the previous owner of the building who might not have taken civil engineer’s advice or he would have left everything with his builder who did the second stage of construction or renovation work.

The impact of not consulting a civil engineer prior to any type of construction is extremely costly which depends on impact of the problems caused by improper construction work. If cracks occur in a wall due to improper construction, the size of these cracks can range from a few micrometres to millimetres. If these cracks are too large to be retrofitted, the wall would need demolishing and reconstructing which is a costly fix.

The cost of a civil engineer’s advice prior to construction is a lot less than what it would cost you to fix a defect which is caused later due to improper construction if you didn’t seek a consult from a civil engineer prior to construction work.

Do you want peace of mind?

Do you want to do the right thing in the first place?

Are you interested in calling your builder back to fix defects caused due to improper construction?

How would your home or office building be looking with cracks in it?

Would you feel embarrassed in front of your clients or guests if you had big cracks in your walls?

Often you leave it with your builder expecting that the builder would do the right thing.

Can you depend a 100% on your builder? Is your builder consulting a civil engineer prior to doing construction?

Obviously, in most cases the answer is no.

I would advise you to consult an independent civil engineer before you think of getting any kind of construction or renovation work.

Naveesh Sharma


Bachelor of Civil Engineer & Master of Engineering Science (Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology)

Solution for Construction
307 Peachey Road,
Munno Para, SA 5115

M: 0405 950 053

E: naveesh@investpro.com.au


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