Why network when we are in Lockdown?

6 reasons why we should network.

Your business may have closed its doors and not able to trade. Why advertise or network? I’m glad you asked, there are some very good reasons why you should network and market your business during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We may think that during the COVID-19 lockdown, we should take it easy and not worry about marketing, particularly Network Marketing. Many are hoping that once everything opens up again, everything will go back to normal, or while we are in lockdown, we do nothing and then fold. During this time some businesses will boom, and others will go bust.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we can still run our business even though me may not be getting work, it is a great time to evaluate your business and maybe even do a pivot, think how breweries are now producing hand sanitiser. A local business networking group, such as Metro Networking Incorporated, can be a great place to meet people, share ideas and give each other work and referrals. A good networking group will support each other during a downturn, ensuring that you get work that otherwise could have gone to a competitor.

1. You need to let our contacts know that you will continue to trade after the lockdown has ended. People need to know what businesses will be open after the lockdown. People are going to spend their money somewhere and it may as well be your business.

2. We need social contact. Many networking groups are doing their networking via Zoom or another online medium. Who can relate to you better than a fellow business owner who is going through the same thing as you? You can get a lot of support from fellow business owners that you have built a relationship with.

3. Referrals. You may still be able to get or give referrals during the lockdown. You can support a fellow business owner and they may be able to support you. Who can do with a few more referrals?

4. Your business may disappear if you don’t keep working on it during the lockdown. History shows that people can make it and even come out better after a crisis.

5. Consider conducting your business online. Use your networking group to refer your business on their social networking page. Share each other’s posts on your social media account.

6. Credibility. You build credibility when you network your business amongst other businesses. Your fellow business owners will continue to refer you to their friends and contacts, even during the lockdown. You never know when someone will need your services, stay viable.

Written by Linda Sharrock, owner and Director of KompleteCare Community (MNI) and Home Care Services. Linda has been a member of the Metro Networking Incorporated for two and a half years.

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